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Genie Mastermind Consultant and Writer, B.A., M.A

Who are you?

Entrepreneur, writer, people helper and life enthusiast.

(Now, read it in reverse order.)

You're a life enthusiast and people helper first?

Yup. My passion is to use my creative skills to help people.

How'd you get a degree in that?

Legend has it that waaaay back in the 70s, a stork delivered me to loving Indo-Caribbean parents of Montreal, Canada. They (the parents and the stork) smothered me with happiness, values and stuff. The rest is history.

Can you explain the roots of your creative talent?

You bet.

When one enjoys freedom through art and lifestyle, creativity strikes in different ways. Growing up, I was encouraged to take music lessons, write, paint, do sculpture and more. A support system, both then and now, was definitely a key factor.

Also, being raised by positive serial-entrepreneur parents had a great impact, too:  I lived with creative role models who problem-solved on a daily basis. And my parents are both very down-to-earth.

At one point, I did some soul searching to identify and align my purpose and passionate with my values. Once I knew what I loved to do, the rest was relatively easy. And fun.

In the academic world, my creativity mushroomed once I studied in areas that interested me. This is the only reason why I was able to achieve both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. I was thrilled by the content I studied and it inspired lots of ideas and questions.

What did you study?

I focused on transnational issues in Political Science, decision making, conflict studies, power relationships, international politics, public policy and public administration with a side of sociology and interpersonal conflicts.

What are your skills?

My skills are written communication and using creativity as a resource. Other skills are:

Critical-thinking and situational awareness:

  • I can pinpoint causes and effects from multiple angles, as well as come up with solutions and an analysis of risk, SWOT, PEST, pros and cons for each solution.
  • For the most part, I am an on-the-spot thinker -I can mastermind and come up with new ideas and suggestions like a hail storm. Be prepared for consultations.

Ideation: I conjure unique ideas for businesses, websites, blogs, articles, marketing tactics, stories, movies, comedy routines, products, services, seminars, trainings, retreats… You get the idea.

I also write original and appealing content.

As a one-person think tank, who have you helped?

I served in the Canadian public service as a federal policy analyst, worked at several companies in the private sector, I have helped authors, writers, solo and small-business entrepreneurs, and of course, I helped my family business. I have over 30 years of small business expertise working at my Mom & Pop’s unique grocery, a legacy business in Montreal, Canada.

Who do you help now? And why?

I’ll answer your last question first.

Why I do it: I know what it’s like to feel stuck and frustrated, so I want to help others move beyond that so they can achieve success.

Who do I help? Anyone, anywhere. The majority of my clients are in the USA and Canada. I am open to helping anyone as long as they have an internet connect for video consultations. Specifically, I work with:

Small to medium-sized businesses who need help with managing their business, marketing, increasing sales, creating or improving a current or new product or service (from programs to trainings), content creation (flyer, articles, blogs), etc.


Published authors who need to create funnels, trainings and marketing tactics

Newbie writers who need structure and a marketing game plan

Individuals who feel “stuck” with life (they do not own a business, but they are looking for something different)

Anyone who is passionate about an ethical business idea and wants to see the possibilities on how to monetize that idea and have a plan of action.


Is any project too big or too small?

No. The magnitude of a project does not matter. I’ve worked with people who were at the concept stage with notes on a paper napkin to very structured organizations with complex projects.

What challenge do people often approach you with?

Oftentimes, I meet people who feel they are not “established” enough to be in business.  The underlying issue is often their fear and insecurity. These are mindset issues and there are simple exercises to get over this relatively quickly, move on and achieve their dreams.

Do you address mindset issues?

Briefly. Only 1% of my work is related to mindset. If a client needs in-depth help beyond what I offer, I can suggest other resources.

99% of work I do is to find the client’s passion project, outline a game plan with a clear vision and create content.

Can you give a mindset/achievement example and how do you feel about it now?

I always wanted to write and publish since I was a kid. Books, screenplays, lyrics, articles. The works. In my teens, 20s and 30s, my passion for creative writing continued. I took a range of courses from comedy writing, screenwriting, book writing to speech writing, but I felt that I never knew what to do next. I was unsure. I really needed a mentor.

Finally, I spent about two years working on a book, but something was missing. While I was working on this book, an opportunity surfaced to participate in a project: to contribute a small write up that would be published in the same year.

I was reluctant to participate because it wasn’t a very long contribution -perhaps less than 100 words.  Then, I realized two things: 1) I was struggling to uncover why creativity mattered to me. And once I figured that out, I was able to contribute to the small publication. 2) I needed to aim for a goal and go for it.

And I went for it.

In 2015, I became a published author by writing a small contribution in the multi-authored journal that became a #1 Amazon International Best Seller:  My Creative Thoughts: Inspired by Global Best-Selling Authors.

Despite the short length of the content I wrote, I am glad I wrote something AND that my first published work under my name credit had something to do with creativity. All this to say: no achievement is too small. Celebrate every success.

What results do you promise your clients?

For the problem-solving stream, I deliver realistic game plans with a high rate of client satisfaction.

In the writing arena, I always deliver 100% original content and again, a high satisfaction rate.

As for referrals, I only refer clients to people with high integrity and a high satisfaction rate. I always follow up with my clients on the service they received.

What if a client is happy with the game plan, but their business does not achieve the results they wanted?

We can certainly review and tweak the game plan to achieve further progress.

That being said, many factors affect successful outcomes. For example, execution factors such as: timing, decision-making, human factors, resources used and not used, etc. All of these factors would have been taken into account during our consultations.

At the end of the day, results are based on the work a client is willing to do and how well this work is carried out once a consultation takes place and/or a plan has been outlined. Clients have full control over their business at all times.

What else do you do?

In the works are some book projects and some scribbles about zombies.

Yep, because who else will solve the apocalypse, right?

What's the best way to contact you?

Fill out the contact form HERE. Or contact me if you have my business card.


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