This is a question I’ve been getting very frequently by eager hopefuls and skeptics as a result of having completed a business and personal development program offered by New Peaks (formerly known as Peak Potentials). Peak Potentials is a branch under Success Resources, the powerhouse behind major worldwide speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, etc.

In 2014, my husband and I started and completed Peak Potentials’ Quantum Leap Program. And people would like to know:

Does the program work?

Yes. And No.

If you are driven and creative to make use of resources, yes.  Let me say that no program in the world can create success for you. YOU CREATE SUCCESS FOR YOU.

What is The Quantum Leap Program?

Quantum Leap is a neatly designed educational package that teaches about business, finance and personal development.

Here are the courses that were included in our 2014 Quantum Leap program:

  1. Train The Trainer (Orlando)
  2. Guerrilla Business School (Orlando)
  3. Freedom Trader Intensive (Los Angeles)
  4. Enlightened Warrior Training Camp (Squamish, British Columbia, Canada)
  5. Life Directions: Mission to Millions (Orlando)
  6. Never Work Again (Palm Desert, California)

(I’ll write some more articles explaining these courses later.)

Quantum Leap Program: Pros

  • Useful Information. Each course within the program was an eye-opener for me -I learned a lot about personal and business development. There is a lot of information and tips to use in business, relationships, health and more.
  • Entertaining. Despite being intensive and running late hours, the courses were never boring.
  • Networking Opportunities. A Peaks course offers great opportunities to network.
  • Credible Course Offerings. Additional course programs are offered by credible speakers at seminar prices. These were great opportunities for more in-depth learning.
  • Growth & Relationships. I appreciated having done the program with my then fiance (now husband). We have grown together on this journey in many aspects.  I also developed many great friendships and business as a result of the program.

Quantum Leap Program: The Cons

Disclaimer: If you plan SMART, there will be no cons.

Most people I spoke with had issues with the following:

  • Limited Course Offerings & Locations. Courses were offered twice a year -one each for the east and west coast. It was Florida versus California. This was difficult for some people living in the USA and Canada for scheduling reasons.
  • Job Instability & Work Interruption. For the majority of people, frequent traveling to go on courses meant many absent days and weeks, which translated into less income, and possibly job insecurity and instability (if your boss is not 100% supportive).
  • Too Costly. The costs of the courses, traveling, hotel stays and food can add up if one is not prepared.
  • Hard Selling. At the seminars, there are always additional course offerings. You will hear the best infomercials from the best salespeople in the personal development and business seminar industry. They are charismatic, funny, emotional, passionate. Every speaker will make a strong call to action that will have some people second-guessing their self-worth if they do not sign up for these courses.

Well, I have news for you:

If you’re attracted to every shiny penny you see, you need to address that personal issue and perhaps have an accountability partner.  If you buy with buyer’s remorse, cancel early. Know what the cancellation policy is.

Some people perceive that many of the course offerings are pricey and out of reach.  My response to that: YOU MUST HAVE DRIVE AND A PLAN TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WANT. How?

1) Find a cheaper proven alternative -there are lots of well-written books by industry experts, support groups, business coaches, etc. Or:

2) Find a way to make it happen and to also ensure your success post-course.

Let’s get one thing straight: no program or teacher in the world can make you a success. You make yourself a success.

If you put the money down and think success will come easy, you are out of your mind.

If you say you’re in it to complete the course to the end, you need to do better than that. You need drive and an action plan.

If you’re a shopaholic, you will need to haul some effort after the purchase and get to work. Being a success post-Quantum Leap requires commitment, drive, passion, planning, and taking action. Don’t think that attending the courses is all you need to do. That is a fool’s dream. It is a lot of hard work. Even the trainers say so. You need gumption.

If you’re all talk and no action (you won’t make time to plan your future), forget it. You will fail. NEWSFLASH: Planners and action takers fail their way to success. There is no perfection in success.

Quite a few of these courses offer a money-back guarantee as incentives to succeed because some buyers are so dazzled at the pitch they never follow up with the course work.

At the events I attended, it was not about companies and business people hard-selling empty dreams. Not at all.

If you do not put the work into it, that’s an issue with you. (This is my perspective based on the seminars I attended.)  Got a beef with that?  Please comment. I welcome it!

In life, we can float along and face consequences, or we can take action. By subscribing and committing to any intensive program, my husband and I had to find creative ways to make this work.

Take Action

Life may seem like a chessboard and we may feel “checkmated” many times. But when you believe and plan SMART, success is YOURS.

Believe and Then Plan It

Are You Successful Yet?

So, when does success happen for Quantum Leap students? During? After? How long after?

Some students had relative successes within months. For others, it is years.

There is a perceived expectation by some students and non-students for immediate results in terms of happiness, financial abundance, dream jobs, etc.

When these expected results do not appear, people often resort to blaming and frustration.

Let me give you four reality checks on this and ANYTHING you do in life.

Four Reality Checks

Get your head out of the clouds with these four reality checks:

Reality Check #1:Think & Plan Smart

The information within each Peaks’ course is abundant.

After the program ends and your energy will drop. And this is when the real hard work begins. This is what you must do:

Create discipline to make time to accomplish what you want, learn from the right people and think creatively. Planning, drafting, consulting, executing, assessing, fine tuning, etc.

You will only get out of it what you put into it. Dreaming about wealth and not taking action is simply dreaming broke. I’ve been there and done that.

Reality Check #2: Enjoy Your Path

You need to enjoy the journey to success. Find your passion, develop goals and action plans, learn and move forward. If you’re having difficulty finding enjoyment, purpose and action in your life, start with a gratitude list: every day list 5 things you are grateful for. Once a person appreciates what they have, they will not be scared and overwhelmed to make change.

Reality Check #3: You Are The Best: Know It and Act It

Don’t let your mindset take you out of the game. You should be the most outrageous and largest cheer-leading gallery for YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

You should have the biggest voice to encourage and believe in yourself and others. Because together, we achieve great things. The idea of competing with others and holding back assistance is related to fear and scarcity -negative actions that hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be. We are greater than being petty information hoarders. We need to cultivate the best in ourselves and bring out that power in others, too.

Reality Check #4: You Define Your Successes

Release yourself from others’ expectations of success and your notions of what society’s standards of success are. You must define what is success for you. It is a personal journey. Have fun with it and enjoy the process. There are no mistakes.

So, Are You Successful Yet?

Drive, planning, coaching and resources creates success. Let no fool put you down or pop your bubble. There are tons of resources to help you succeed.

Posted: Apr 7, 2015, 2:00pm EST

Emily Ramdas is a mastermind consultant, writer and entrepreneur with a creative overdrive and an eye for detail. She is also the author of a zombie blog, a best selling author of a creative journal on with many more forthcoming books.