The Disney-Pixar creation, Inside Out (2015) may stir some emotions and entertainment. Was is worth seeing?

Welcome to Emily’s review of Inside Out. [WARNING: CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS.]


The Movie in a Nut Shell Summary

In this 3D-animated film, a young girl becomes stressed and depressed when her life changes and her emotions begin to crumble. We are shown how a handful of emotions control how she thinks and acts.  Each emotion is represented by a character: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust.

Inside Out

Credibility Issues

The film had me thinking: I wondered to what extent do emotions control us or do we control emotions? When one is conscious of how our feelings affect us, the latter can happen and we can sometimes make decisions not influenced by emotional thinking.

I suppose that’s why they selected a child character -someone who was vulnerable in figuring this out? It would have also been interesting to see how the child overcame her emotions.

Unresolved Issues


Best Scenes (aka “Wow” Scenes)

Imagination land.


The shortcut through the danger zone.

Most Impressive

The story. The concept. The visuals. And Bing Bong!

“Meh” Scenes

Seeing the child go through a breakdown was sad.


Most Disappointing

Bing Bong’s disappearance.

What Would’ve Been Cool

To see more imagination land! And Bing Bong!

Favorite Characters

Joy, Anger and Bing Bong because:

Joy was positive and hopeful.


Anger was funny like hell.

anger what


And Bing Bong was a crazy nut that made me laugh.

bing bong

Least Favorite Characters

“Sadness” was depressing. Sure, this emotion served its purpose and it’s human to be sad, but really, this character was such a downer. I wanted to mail it a box of crayons and draw a rainbow on her shirt.



“Disgust” was pretty and amusing as a snobby fashionista with her cute eyelashes, but that was about it. They pretty much captured the disgust in the Disgust character.





A sequel.

Overall Impressions

A very interesting movie. I’m not sure if small children were grasping it, but the film is great to provoke dialogue on the impact of emotions and psychological health: do our emotions control us or can we control it ? And also, what emotions or values are the driving forces for who we are?  The psychology research and creativity that went into this movie was well done. It gave me a lot of food for thought for psychological illnesses and things that aren’t categorized in the illness category.

It was fascinating to see this film’s interpretation of memories being affected by emotions: the collapse and re-building of core spheres of the mind. For me, this was the most fascinating part of this film and I would love to explore how art can portray more psychological stuff to audiences. I was also fascinated by Bing Bong. I cannot emphasize that enough.

What did you think about the movie? Do you agree or disagree with this critique? Let me know!

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Posted: Jun 25, 2015, 1:37am EST