Share your work with the world through internet magic. From art, stories, poetry, articles, recipes, observations or more… And here’s how to do it for FREE

1. Go on or (or some other free web-creation site) and follow their instructions on how to set up an account.

2. There will be an option for you to select a theme from the site. A theme is the layout or design for the site.

3. Create your pages and posts. Check on YouTube for step-by-step help videos.

4. If you borrow someone else’s work, make sure to cite the source and put up the source (book, author, website, magazine, etc.). You must cite the source whether you use it word for word (please put the exact content in quotes) or paraphrase.

5. For all of your original content, create the following to show that you are aware of your rights, you are protected by international copyright law and and it is your content: —> (C) Your Full Name, YEAR.

6. Create accounts on social media to share your post links.

7. You can check some basic traffic statistics that will tell you how many visitors your site attracts. The more it attracts, it means that you have a fan base. A followship. You can then develop a marketing strategy and a business plan to monetize your website. Yes, you can create income for yourself

8. You can also create videos on YouTube and podcasts all for free and monetize that, too.

9. It’s all about relationships. To get noticed and promoted by others, you need to develop relationships with people. Your audience. Other bloggers, other social media people.

10. Have fun with your site. It has the potential to be a business if you set your mind to it, plan and design it to include the right elements. Almost anything can be monetized. The free website experience can open your mind to more ideas and expose you to more opportunities. Reach a global audience and share your gift with the world. Why not start today. Anyone can do it. It has nothing to do with education or any limitation. Anyone can and every one should have at least one website. It’s internet real estate. Claim your presence today.


What Costs Money?

Want your own domain name? For example: or

For about $10 US or less per year, register it with a reputable company and then link it to your free site.

You can also pay for fancier theme layouts that have additional detail and appeal.

Did I miss anything? Let me know below or message me for a consultation. Thanks! I design websites with ease!

Posted: Jul 21, 2015, 10:02pm EST

Emily Ramdas is a mastermind consultant, writer and entrepreneur with a creative overdrive and an eye for detail. She is also the author of a zombie blog, a best selling creative journal on with many more forthcoming books.