Investing in your learning and taking sensible persistent action will pay off. It always does.

This article is an insight about my journey with New Peaks from January 2014 and where it has led me today. Welcome to Emily’s Life Stuff Chronicles.

When I attended the intensive three-day weekend seminar, the Millionaire Mind Experience, it set me on a path towards learning about finances, managing and making money, learning about relationships, and more: the knowledge I gained was food for the soul: how do I become financially abundant AND happy? This is exactly what I was searching for for a long time.  

How did that happen?

The Set-Up

On January 26-28, 2014, I attended my first Millionaire Mind Experience (MME) program with my then boyfriend now husband (herein referred to as “Boyfriend”).

All I knew was that it was a free three-day seminar. I had no clue what it was about, other than guessing from the title that I was going to be rich at the end of day three. I had no clue what to expect at the MME except that I was going to show up with an open mind, ready to absorb whatever this free three-day seminar was because I trusted my boyfriend.


What’s not to like?

Two days prior to the event, I was terribly frustrated with my business: I needed it to grow because it was not producing good results. I was in a bad financial place. I had no direction. As an English-speaker in a French-speaking land, my employment chances were slim. So, Boyfriend encouraged me that the MME would provide some clarity and options. And off we went. In addition to January being the heart of Montreal’s winter, with icy roads, snowballs and slippery sidewalks, a three-day indoor retreat seemed like a good idea.


Day 1

Over 600 attendees were at the sparkling ballroom at the Crown Hotel at Cote-de-Liesse Street in Montreal, Canada. The seminar room was beautiful: spacious with majestic crystal chandeliers, each clear stone twinkling in its magnificent splendor. Glamorous.

Attendees poured in and excitedly grabbed a seat and the seminar began. Make us rich, money man!

(In the next pic, on the lower right-hand side, Boyfriend has a red jacket on the chair backrest and I was tilting my head to the side. Because that’s what I do. Meh.)

MMI Montreal January 26-28, 2014

Bring It On

So, the sign said “T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive.” The beautifullly energetic co-trainer, Caroline Wong, got the audience warmed up. We were ready to welcome our lead trainer. And guess what?

It wasn’t T. Harv Eker,


Robert Riopel was welcomed to the stage with a standing ovation.

And I was like, “Did she say Harv Eker? Who’s that? It’s not Harv? Harv was a no show?”

Boyfriend shrugged and whispered something like: he previously met “Rob” at several Montreal MMEs, he’s a great trainer.


Strike 1:

In 5 seconds, I felt gypped: Harv was a no show. The sign said “T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Experience.” Bring it on.

I turned into an immediate skeptic right there and then (not realizing that there were many qualified trainers around the world that does the MME seminars. Duh. And that Robert Riopel was responsible for training a vast amount of these speakers. Duh x2.)

The Introduction

Robert Riopel made a stunning razor sharp introduction that got to the point. Of course he did: they didn’t send T. Harv Eker, so this Robert guy better be good, right?

And he’s going to make us millionaires.

So, he has to be good.

And within those first few seconds, the skeptic side vanished and I was emotional and grateful to be here. The opening address was delivered with care and I was in tune to that.  +1 point.  Yes of course: those who wanted a road-map to a better life would be here.

What the @#$*?!

The MME was an unexpected surprise. +2 points.

Structured, entertaining edutainment, critical life lessons and observations. Over 600 attendees went on a roller coaster of feelings about our relationships with money. The atmosphere was hyper happy and the trainer, Robert Riopel, was pleasant and extremely charismatic. He was funny and easy to listen to. This was a professional speaker: he spoke and we clung on to every word. His presentation skills were mesmerizing. It had been a long while since I heard a speaker that caught my attention. Usually, I would be bored to tears. But this time, it was different: I was awake, I was taking notes while listening to the speaker, I did the exercises with other attendees, networked and chitchatted with the staff. The staff, known as Karma Krew, were so attentive and helpful, guiding the attendees. And to me, all of this and the content was gold. It was an enlightening experience.+3 points.

Who Was There

During the breaks and exercises, Boyfriend and I met some wonderful attendees: from unemployed people to lawyers, accountants, doctors, mechanics, teachers, consultants, investment brokers, high-school/college/university students, single parents, homemakers, cashiers, business owners, manufacturers, office workers, folks from BNIs, rotary clubs, chamber of commerce executives, reps from every MLM possible, etc. Everyone wanted change. And the MME was a great place to make new friends and network to begin that journey of change.

True or False? Broke Mindset = Broke in the Bank Book?

Is the reason why some people are not wealthy because of their mindset? Does wealth start in the mind? And how do you access this power?  Do you know what passive income? Do you know that you can get out of any situation if you take action now? The MME program addressed all of this. And the exercises were mind blowing.

Other than all of the mind stuff, there were useful strategies I was not aware of prior to the MME and I use these strategies and processes today.

The Magic That is MME & New Peaks

Okay, so I walked in open-minded searching for an answer, I got over my 5-seconds of disappointment and misunderstanding of Harv being a no show, and now I was learning.  I knew I needed to make my life better since years ago, but I wasn’t sure how. I never heard of such a pitch in my life, as if it were custom-made for me. At the end of day one, I waited to speak with Robert and choked up. What in the world? Peaks addressed a vulnerability, a need. This is the type of education I hungered for. The type of life and business knowledge shared by Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, etc. +4 points.

Days 2 & 3 were educational with great ways to change our financial lives.

And then there was a teaser offer for a program called “Quantum Leap”. It consisted of several courses that tied in business lessons and personal development awareness training. My eyes widened like a kid in front of cake.

I looked over to Boyfriend and nodded at him with my eyes widened. During the break he pulled out an old Peak Potentials contract: the same program was $15,000 a few years ago. Today it was much less.

We discussed. I couldn’t afford this, this was almost half of my annual salary (that’s another story) added the costs of travelling, food and more. Without this accelerated program, I would be stuck. This is the type of help I needed; my inner voice told me that for years. What about this Peaks, company? Is it credible?

Peaks is owned by parent company Success Resources -the company run by CEO Richard Tan that has Tony Robbins and all the other great world speakers (e.g. Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Porter, Bill Clinton). Other attendees knew about the company’s credibility and wanted to join, but some couldn’t make it work because they felt that the time was not right for them (money, family, scheduling, etc.).  Getting back to the costs: adding in the travel, hotel, food factors and the frequent traveling which meant time off work, it would add up to a lot of money spent. But if I was dedicated and worked hard, I will pull this off. It was now or never. Was there a right time? I was hungry for change. That’s when it’s the right time.

There’s no guarantee that the MME or their program will make you rich. They share a lot of useful tips, strategies and program offers, but in the end, YOU need to take action in your life. And that was the eye opener for me. With or without Peaks, YOU need to take action. Read books, design your life, discuss with family and friends. You need to take action or nothing will change.

I took the leap after the MME and started the journey for me to meet and hear (and in some cases, be advised and trained) by Peak’s CEO, Adam Markel, Blair Singer, Eric Frady, Courtney Smith (the investor, not the model), Dennis Cummins, Ken Courtright, Berny Dohrrman, Aaron Young, Terri Levine, Les Brown, Paul Hoyt, David Corbin, Jill Lublin, Bill Walsh, the Robert Riopel, and so many more. I had no clue this was ahead of me. But when you want something, your drive will push you to take action.

It is about the knowledge, the mentorship, the training, the inspiration, the lesson. Priceless. Signing up was a no brainer. But I had no clue the MME could have sparked this.

And I made changes. I started my consultation and writing company and gained clients, I developed a turnaround business plan and consulted with some of the best people in Canada and the US and I developed a few major projects that will make its presence in the future.

All in all, you must have the DRIVE.

This would have never been possible if I didn’t take action in some shape or form. The time was ripe for me because I desperately wanted change.

And even if you don’t sign up for anything, I guarantee MME will be a game changer in your life.

As Les Brown says, you have to be hungry for change. And both Boyfriend and I were. Thank you, Mr. Brown. It was amazing to see him speak in person and to meet his son, Mr. John-Leslie Brown. (And you bet I got my picture with Mr. John-Leslie.)

The Quantum Leap Journey

Quantum Leap consisted of several courses taking place mostly in the east and west coast of the United States. Here is what was included in our package: the 3-months of personal coaching and the following six courses:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Guerilla Business School
  • Freedom Trader Intensive
  • Enlightened Warrior Training Camp
  • Mission to Millions: Life Directions
  • Never Work Again

Each one of these courses were a unique journey in itself. I will post more about this journey and where it led us.

Lessons Learned

Agree or disagree, these are my lessons and shout outs and I am speaking from my experience. [Cool attempt at a disclaimer, but like, whatever.]  Ask me whatever you like. I am not here to argue, but to share my experience and learn from others so I can enrich my life. That is all. So, here’s the scoop:

    • Thank You, Boyfriend, for introducing me to this event. And I am grateful for all the wonderful people I met as a result of this journey.
    • At the end of the third day, I waved down Mrs. Veronica Tan (Success Resources’ CEO Richard Tan’s wife). We took photos and I said to her, “This is amazing. I cannot believe this type of knowledge was accessible to just anyone.” She was serene and beautifully radiant with an aura of love. We spoke and gave each other a hug. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Tan, for the work that you do.
    • Robert Riopel: Okay, I had no clue T. Harv Eker was in retirement. (Duh on my part.) A sincere thank you for visiting Montreal and helping people to get their game on and for training us at Life Directions.
  • COMPONENTS FOR SUCCESS: 1) Keep an open mind. 2) Anything is possible if we empower ourselves with tools, knowledge and asking for help. 3) You have to be hungry for change and take action.
  • MME IS A GAME CHANGER: MME and Peaks are a no BS company. The journey changed the way I lived my life and did/am doing business. Because of the impact this free three-day program had on me and the insights it gave me, the tools can be applied on the spot, I will help others by introducing them to the free three-day event. Whatever they choose, is up to them.
    • Criteria for your free MME ticket: no one is: too old or too young, too smart, too poor, too uneducated, too tall or short, ugly or sexy to be there. You don’t have to buy anything. Leave your credit cards home and check out the next Millionaire Mind Intensive wherever you are in the world for FREE. (Boyfriend paid $100 for both of us to get the workbook. My link will give you the workbook for free.) Register Here:
  • BRING FOOD, DRINKS & SNACKS. The days were long: they started early and ended late. Bring snacks and closed-bottled drinks. You’ll need it. Breaks go by quick. Don’t be late when the session re-starts.
  • BRING BUSINESS CARDS. Even if you think you do nothing and think that you are not worthy of having a business card, it’s a lie. Print at least 300 cards with your contact information. There will be LOTS of people you will want to get in touch with for business networking, socials, etc.

You’ll see.

What was your experience? Strike up a conversation with me on social media. 🙂

Posted: Jan 28, 2015, 11:59pm

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