The Jurassic World weekend blockbuster broke records. Was it worth seeing?

Welcome to my review of the movie.

[WARNING: Contains major spoilers.]


I absolutely love the Jurassic Park series. I have read both novels written by the late Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park and The Lost World. I have seen the first Jurassic Park movie countless times, and of course, I watched every subsequent Spielberg Jurassic sequel ever made. Yeah, I love dinosaurs. I was imagining their terror since I was a kid in the 80s. Yes, that was before any of the movies were made. I dreamed about dinosaurs- the nice ones and the bad ones.  There’s always a T-Rex somewhere in a dream.

And after seeing Jurassic World, my mind was going non-stop. So I wrote until 3am and came up with this critique. Jurassic World gate

The Movie in a Nut Shell Summary

The former Jurassic Park has risen from the ashes and is now Jurassic World, a massive  functional resort that is bigger, better and up and running. Scientists created a “supersaurus” (my term for the super dinosaur star, Indominus Rex, or “iRex” -another name made up by yours truly) with thermal seeking hunting capabilities, thermal camouflage, and the ability to communicate and remember where it’s tracking device was planted. Add all of this in a resort setting and throw in about a thousand people and let’s see what happens.


Credibility Issues

It seems like some things were “conveniently” designed in the movie to force the plot.

  1. The T-Rex attraction was in the middle of the resort among a large concentration of visitors. Contrast this with where the raptors were kept: far away from the resort in a secured paddock.
  2. Someone outran the T-Rex. Much more, someone wearing high-heel shoes outran the Rex. Unless you’re Lara Croft, Mila Jojovich or a zombie from World Z, no one can outrun a T-Rex. D3BiGGJ
  3. Our leading lady, the park manager played by Bryce Dallas Howard, was dressed all in white. I felt that this was designed to show her as predator bait. I also wonder if it represented her naiveté .
  4. Raptors were trained. Predatory instinct was trained?   I don’t buy it.
  5. Raptors were rescuers and martyrs.  I don’t buy it.Jurassic-World-Chris-Pratt-Raptor-Training
  6. The catwalk in the raptor paddock seemed kind low. According to the books and movies, the raptors can jump really high.
  7. The staff member fell on his back into the raptor pit and did not break anything. And the raptors did not immediately pounce on their victim.
  8. It wasn’t obvious the children’s parents were going through a divorce.
  9. Children outran supersaurus: from the hamster ball escape to the waterfall jump. If characters could not outrun the T-Rex in previous series, how is it that children  can outrun a supersaur?
  10. Why should the parents make the two children spend time together if they know the teen is mean to the younger one?
  11. Vincent D’Onofrio’s character in charge of a mutiny plot to seize the “assets.” He was scripted to be a sleazy car salesman.  D’Onofrio or anyone playing that role needed justice.
  12. Masrani (Infan Khan), the owner of Jurassic World -his chastising attitude towards Dr. Wu (B.D. Wong). You mean to say there was no due diligence process? Convenient, was it not? I think it is unfair to blame the employee if you do not verify what is being done. #ceoadvice  How could they make Masrani overlook that? He’s too smart to.original
  13. The supersaur’s deception capabilities: it was in captivity all this time and it only now figured out how to plot a diversion / fake escape by scratching the wall and turning off its body heat? Why didn’t it take out the tracking device sooner?
  14. Why did the perimeter fence security features fail to stop the supersaur?
  15. If the Indominus Rex was modeled after raptors, it also should have jumping capabilities.
  16. In the Indominus Rex holding pen, after seeing that the windows were damaged by failed attempts to break through, one would think they would secure the area further. My stomach went into a knot anticipating a dino attack.
  17. The shark dino (Mosasaurus) shared the water with the beach area? giphy
  18. The iRex and T-Rex special bonding fight sequence was drawn out.
  19. Why wasn’t the ground shaking when the hamster bubble was roaming throughout a field of active dinosaurs?
  20. Bryce rolling up her sleeves to prove to Chris Pratt that she can handle herself and then yelling out for her nephews. Her of all people should know what she was working with in the field.

Unresolved Issues

Despite the teen’s (Nick Robinson) wandering eye, what was the purpose of introducing the teen’s girlfriend in the beginning? It seems that he didn’t love his girlfriend (he didn’t return the “I love you” sentiment to her). So, what was the purpose of the girlfriend in this film. She played no significant role.

Best Scenes (aka “Wow” Scenes)

  1. The supersaur’s first attack: the setup, everything. Wow. new2
  2. When the hunter squad member (Brian Tee) first discovers the tracking signal and the raining blood drops that landed on him. Wow.photo_2_finale-81
  3. The children in the hamster ball when they wandered into the restricted zone and realized that supersaurus was behind them. Wow. AND The supersaur’s attack on the hamster ball: from biting, rolling and smashing it. Wow. 
  4. The assistant’s (played by Katie McGrath) death. Wow.
  5. The phone buzzing in the upside down hamster ball. Wow.
  6. The first glance at the water dinosaur. Wow.jurassic-world-shark
  7. The petting zoo. Wow.

Most Impressive

  1. The disconnect with danger by referring to the animals as assets.
  2. Lead woman. Lead man. And the chemistry between them both.
  3. The visuals.
  4. The movie website is the best I have ever seen for any website ever. Ever. is ultra creative with a park map, resort information, a fictitious corporate website, Masrani’s corporate profile (, job applications for park inspectors, etc. I wonder what their benefits package is like?


“Meh” Scenes

  1. T-Rex attempts to save the day.
  2. Water dino saves the day.
  3. Scenes with Vincent D’Onofrio.
  4. The children’s mother expects her sister to provide family time to the children as a result of the mother’s self pity and sadness of a failed marriage and the impact on her children?
  5. The mother’s concern that the older son would be mean to the younger one.
  6. Biting bat birds on the loose seemed overdone.4
  7. When the children jumped off the cliff, I was expecting the scene from “The Lost World” book in which they hid behind the waterfall. No dice.
  8. The old Jurassic Park remains were available.
  9. Leading characters spending too much time in an open field of dying dinosaurs while a major predator is on the loose.
  10. Waiting for a dinosaur to die in its last moments while in hostile territory.
  11. The teen’s insensitivity towards the crying little brother crying upon hearing about the parents’ divorce.
  12. D’Onofrio’s character could have had a better exit.
  13. The T-Rex badly injured beyond being able to move. And suddenly, it regained it’s energy again. Dino sport drink is also available online.
  14. The T-Rex did not pursue the remaining four survivors nor raptors at the end. I guess everyone is entitled to rest, even vicious monsters.
  15. When the two Rexes were fighting and smashed into a tower, the tower burst into flames. Uh-huh.
  16. The iRex could have given a stronger struggle before it was dragged into the pool.
  17. Bryce was way too close to the T-Rex when she was leading it to the scene.
  18. The T-Rex vs. iRex fight scene: they kind of seemed like giant rubber balloons or pool toys hitting the floor. The camera angles could have been different. The the sides of the iRex’s mouth appeared like flapping rubber.

Most Disappointing

  1. Masrani’s death by helicopter crash. I felt that this character was cheated of a glorious death. He also died too soon in the movie. Maybe he shouldn’t have died at all?
  2. The blocked view of the T-Rex at first glance at the beginning of the movie. It was a set-up of things yet to come.
  3. iRex’s death by a water dino. iRex should have lived. Water dino could have died. jwlogo-jurassic-world-a-closer-look-at-the-indominus-rex-dna-jpeg-270206

What Would’ve Been Cool

  1. If the supersaur could swim and kill the water dino.
  2. If the water dino crashed through the underwater observatory arena.
  3. If the supersaur plunged after the children after they jumped into the waterfall.
  4. If the supersaur was actually white as the characters referred to it. Not grey. And if it were able to chameleon itself rather than mostly hiding behind trees.
  5. If the supersaur looked and behaved fierce. Remember those dinosaurs from the animated series Cadillacs and Dinosaurs? They looked pretty fierce.
  6. To see the Indominus Rex moving at massive speed. The T-Rex seemed faster than the I-Rex.

Favorite Characters

  1. Bryce as the leading lady, I liked her character. Stone cold, uncomfortable sexual tension, maternal figure.
  2. Chris Pratt had a good physique for the role, was goofy, fun, serious.
  3. Ty Simpkins (the younger brother) was absolutely adorable. A typical Spielberg character with issues thanks to a lack of family/parental security.
  4. The owner (Masrani) seemed like a responsible cool owner.
  5. The male control tower operator (Jake M. Johnson) and his Jurassic Parc nostalgia.
  6. The female control tower operator (Lauren Lapkus) seemed kinda cool.
  7. Jimmy Fallon as Jimmy Fallon.


Least Favorite Characters

  1. Perhaps the Katie McGrath as Bryce’s assistant. She needed to be more villainous. But she did have an amazing exit.
  2. The bad guy -Vincent D’Onofrio’s character didn’t get a role of justice.


  1. 3D was good. I am relieved that nothing popped out of the screen. But maybe that would’ve been cool.


  • Someone can be a hatless Indiana Jones for future movies.
  • Another Jurassic movie.
  • No surprise if someone somewhere in the world is force-mating a lizard and a crocodile.


Overall Impressions

  1. An interesting adventure movie with bits of funny scenes. I would have enjoyed some more drama, suspense and horror, like in the original Jurassic Park. The character chemistry between Bryce and Chris was appealing. I want to see Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in another adventure film. Love it.
  2. Interesting mockery on corporate sponsors.
  3. Interesting that the fictitious Jurassic World visitors and our real-world movie goers want bigger and scarier dinosaurs. Yup. Guilty.
  4. iRex’s strength and killing for sport was believable. However, the dinosaur bonding -communication moment, was not so appealing. I would have loved to see more of iRex calculating an ambush.
  5. I love the Jurassic franchise. In other words, I’d totally watch this again.
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