Food is a joy in life.  Having been born into the family business, I am ecstatic to share my enthusiasm for all things that are food.

Ramdas Foods is my Mom & Pop’s foodie grocery store that specializes in over 300 spices, hot sauces, teas and a multitude of wholesome goodness from the Caribbean, Latino, African and Indian grocery items. This store was founded in Montreal, Canada, by my Mom and Pop in 1974. We had several locations in the past 40 years. We now operate the remaining location with pride and joy.


We operate by the French name, Aliments Ramdas (meaning “Ramdas Foods”).  No worries, it’s all the same store.

Here is our contact information:

Aliments Ramdas

1501 Dollard Avenue (LaSalle)

Montreal, Quebec H8N1T3


+1 (514) 364-3817





Emily Ramdas is a mastermind consultant, writer and entrepreneur with a creative overdrive and an eye for detail. She is also the author of a zombie blog, a co-author of a best selling creative journal on, with many more forthcoming books.