On November 27, 2014, I posted the following:


“This is a test. Testing. Please ignore. Or if you dare, read on.”

When I checked my site a day later to continue designing it, I noticed that two bloggers liked the “TEST 1” post.  I was flattered. Kinda like when you’re showering and didn’t know someone was looking all along.  You know that feeling when you didn’t know you were being watched and then you realized you were being watched?

So, I’m going to close the shower curtain again.  I’ll be out in two minutes.

Thank you for your support, audience of two! You rock!

-Emily Ramdas

Emily Ramdas is a mastermind consultant, writer and entrepreneur with a creative overdrive and an eye for detail. She is also the author of a zombie blog, a best selling creative journal on Amazon.com with many more forthcoming books.